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Druzy Agate Tower, Sparkling Crystals & Terracotta Waves (small)

Druzy Agate Tower, Sparkling Crystals & Terracotta Waves (small)

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This Druzy Agate Tower is an alluring small decorative piece featuring stunning sparkling crystals and terracotta waves. Its unique beauty and mystic energy make it the perfect addition to any space.

Druzy Agate is a stunning variety of quartz characterized by its glittering surface of small, closely-set crystals. This mineral is derived from the Latin “drusa,” meaning “a rock surface covered with tiny crystals.”

Each stone is unique in size, shape, and color. The Amethyst you will receive is similar to the one shown in the photos, ensuring that all our amethysts meet the same high-quality standards.

W 1.5 in | D 1.3 in | H 4.0 in | 7.4 lbs

  • We guarantee our stone to be 100% natural.
  • Natural stones, as the name implies, are products of nature. Any variations in texture, color, veining, and pattern are what makes the stone beautiful, and you should not consider them as flaws.
  • Difference between screen resolution and display setups, sometimes, the color of the Items you see may slightly change.
  • Country of origin: Brazil.
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