About Us

PCR Stone is a family owned and operated business based outside of Dallas and Waco TX.  We select and import only the highest quality stones mined from Mexico and beyond. To create these captivatingly beautiful pieces we work with various talented artisans around the world and although some pieces may be similar in shape, size and stone, each creation is hand crafted and one of a kind.

No two pieces will never look alike because our designs compliment the natural movement of the stone, completely random in size and shape just as nature intended. As if throughout time she has added movement here and color there to create such rare forms of true beauty.

Each piece is a true masterpiece with sophisticated appeal that will be the perfect accent piece for your home, office or landscape design. We bring stone to life!

 If you buy in bulk we might be able to give you a better price, call or text (214) 903-2636 if you're interested.


Natural Onyx Stone Imports